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Arizona Conventions 2018

Here's a master list of all the fandom conventions to be held in Arizona in 2018, courtesy of the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls.

This is for a future year, so it's mostly empty and will flesh out as events publish details. For the current year, here's our 2017 page. Also, here's our Arizona Fandom History site, which documents all conventions in Arizona going back to 1970, with more details, images and PDFs.

If you check out any of these conventions, please tell them the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls sent you!

New Events for 2018 are:

January 2018

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th
Taiyou Con (anime)

Year 8 (history)

Saturday 13th to Monday 15th
Ace Comic Con (pop culture)

Year 1 (history)

Saturday 27th
Tempe Public Library Comicon (pop culture)

Year 4 (history)

February 2018

Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th
Shindig Monster Camp (Monster Scouts)

Year 3 (history)

Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th
AZ Eventure Con (comic books)

Year 2 (history)

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th
Kikori Con (anime)

Year 5 (history)

March 2018

Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th
Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention (steampunk)

Year 7 (history)

Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th
Tucson Festival of Books (books)

Year 10 (history)

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th
LepreCon (sci-fi, art)

Year 44 (history)

Saturday 31st
Arizona Toy Con (collectible toys)

Year 13 (history)

April 2018

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th
Cirque du Livre (books)

Year 3 (history)

May 2018

Capture! PhotoCon (photography)

Year 2 (history)

Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th
Phoenix Comicon (pop culture)

Year 17 (history)

September 2018

Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th
Outlaw Comicon (comic books)

Year 1 (history)

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