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Southwestern Steampunk Groups on Facebook

We're not the only steampunk/Victoriana group in the southwestern US. There are a whole bunch of other groups with a Facebook presence too. Here are the ones we know about:


Arizona Penny Dreadfuls (closed group: adults only)
Arizona Steampunk Consortium (public group)
Arizona Steampunk Inventors (public group)
Arizona Steampunk Rescue (closed group: support group for steampunks)
Arizona Steampunk Sewing Circle (public group)
Arizona Steampunk Society (public group)
Arizona Steampunk Society Book Club (public group)
Arizona Steampunk Trading Post (closed group)
Huachuca Mountain Steampunk (public group)
Prescott Steampunk Devotees (public group)
Prescott SteamPunk Society (organisation)
Splendid Teapot Racing Arizona (public group)
Steampunk Arizona (closed group)
Tombstone Steampunk Society (community organisation)
Tucson Steampunk Society (community)
Tucson Steampunk Society Tinkerers (closed group)


California Steampunk (public group)
California Steampunk Captains Roundtable (closed group)
Gold Coast Armada (public group)
The Manticore Society (public group)
Orange County Society for Steampunk Enthusiasts (closed group)
Sacramento Steampunk Society (public group)
San Francisco Steampunk (community)
San Francisco Steampunks (public group)
So Cal Steampunks (organisation)
Steampunk Baja California (public group)
Steampunk Los Angeles (public group)


Colorado Gothic, Industrial and Steampunk Buy/Sell/Trade (closed group)
Colorado Steampunk Events & Trade (public group)
Colorado Steampunks (public group)
Colorado Steampunk Society (public group)
Colorado Village Inn Steampunk Meetups (public group)
DVSS: Denver Victorian & Steampunk Society (public group)
Fort Collins Steampunk (public group)
TESLA Colorado Springs Steampunk (public group)


Idaho Steampunk Shindig (public group)


Montana Steampunk (community)
Montana Steampunk - Society of Steam (public group)


The Brass Bandits (public group)
High Desert Steam (public group)
Le Salon du Couer Libre (closed group)
Las Vegas Steampunk Community (public group)
Las Vegas Steampunk Film Society (closed group)
Las Vegas Steampunk Tea Society (public group)
The Sky Tribune Monthly News (public group)
Steampunk Imaginarium of Las Vegas (closed group)

New Mexico

ABQ Steampunk Society (community organisation)
Steamers and Dreamers (community)


Portland Steampunk Society (public group)
Steampunk Oregon (community)
Southern Oregon Steampunks (public group)
Southern Oregon Steampunk Society (closed group)
Southern Oregon Steampunk Society (community organisation)


Salt Lake City Tinkers Steampunk (public group)
The Utah Steampunk League (closed group)
Utah SteamPunk Society (public group)


Seattle Steamrats (public group)
South of Seattle Steampunks (public group)
Spokane Steampunk Events (public group)
Steampunk Antiquarian Society of Seattle (SASS) (community)

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